"Ya know.. Just normal errday bath time. :]"
"My new friend Jefferson.. 💗 Not sure what my expression is tho... Lol."

Youtube Update



"Finishinnnn up 2 songs today."


"She mah best frieeeeend."

"Keepinn ma head up"

Nickelodeon Screen Test

Bedtime Story!

Youtube Update


"Mommy sent me out to find a dress for the KCAs and this is what I'm coming back with, lol! Ooops."
" Be grateful and never take anything for granted."

California gurls / Tik Tok - Ariana Grande

Pointless video of me and my mom in the car

The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2011

Put your hearts up Photoshoot

Ariana Army T-shirt

Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana imiterar kändisar

2012 KCA Voting!

Sprid ordet, berätta för din familj, vänner, Twittra om det! Victorious måste vinna "Best tv show" klicka på bilden för att rösta!